Sunday, March 28, 2010


I made an appointment to get a manicure and decided to think long and hard about what color I wanted to get on my nails and decided that the perfect color was: TAUPE.

I am really loving OPI's Over The Taupe.

It's a gorgeous color that really seems to work for spring. despite all the nice light springy colors that are in. Those are wonderful as well, but taupe is such a great neutral color that goes with all my spring outfits that i purchased. (I may do a blog on that if anyone is reading and wants to know what spring clothes i am loving.) I saw it featured on, a website that is amazing and that i absolutely love!

If you are thinking about what color to get on your nails , taupe is the color. I will link the WhoWhatWear article for y'all!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello blogging world!

While online a couple of days ago, I decided to post a reply to a certain blog that I was reading. I was unsure how to do so and so I decided the best way was to create a blog of my own and reply that way. Well, I got so carried up in creating my own blog that I forgot to reply! So really, I have just created this blog as an experiment and to see what becomes of it.
WARNING: It will be an extremely random blog!
I enjoy cooking, so it will have a focus on cooking, the food magazines I read, the recipes I am loving or want to try and cooking shows I watch or cookbooks I am using or are on my wish list.
I will also discuss some crafting products due to my crafting obsessed sister! The books I am reading or want to read will also be talked about along with clothing or make-up products I have purchased or would like to purchase.
And any other random thing that gets added in along the way.
So follow along as I begin my blogging journey! :-)

If anyone has tips for me or anything to say, i would love to hear it!